Made in the USA

The beach is my peaceful place...

While my children build sandcastles, my family builds memories. While I scrunch up my toes in the sand, I release the tension I’ve been carrying from everyday life. In those moments, smelling the ocean air and listening to the waves crash are all that matter.

Unfortunately, saying hello to the beach also used to mean saying hello to all those grabby little sand grains that refused to let go. And though the afternoon may have been blissful and perfect, turning the car into a sandbox by evening was not my ideal ending to the day.

So I decided to turn a beach day into a happy ending.

After multiple failed attempts at removing those pesky grains like rinsing and drying, baby powder, and even a horse brush (yes, a horse brush!), my husband and I decided to find our own solution.

A Labor of Love

After two years of refining and testing, we developed an all-natural, scent-free powder that’s as safe as it is effective. Even different brushes were tested out on our children until we reached the perfect blend of softness and utility.

So, believe us when we say Sea-Ya-Sand is kid tested and mom approved.


Our Motto: Live it, Love it, Leave it.

Live your beach time worry-free and full. Love the sand in your toes, smell of the ocean, and beauty of the waves. But at the end of the day, leave it behind on the shore.

As part of our Live it, Love it, Leave it initiative, we decided to give back. With every bottle sold, part of our profit gets donated toward ocean clean-up so the ocean can always remain our peaceful place.


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